Specter Wireless Headphones – A Review

Headphones aren’t something I’ve ever considered investing in before. I’ve always just used the headphones that came with my phone or iPod. However, now that I’ve experienced what quality headphones feel like I wont be going back.

Recently I was contacted by the kind folk at Specter Wireless and asked if I’d like to try a pair of their new headphones. Uhh yes! After a look through their website I chose to try the ELUX headphones…I mean who wouldn’t want a pair of these, just look at how pretty they are.

ELUX Specter Headphones

Specter Wireless Headphones - ELUX


The Look
Designed to seamlessly take you from gym to brunch the ELUX headphones come in two colours, pearl and midnight. Usually I would go for darker colours but there was something so clean and crisp about the pearl I just couldn’t resist. With gold accents the pearl are a sleek accessory that can be dressed up or dressed down. My only concern is will I be able to keep them clean?!

*Update* These headphones are so easy to keep clean because of the high quality materials they are made from. A simple wipe with a wet wipe and they look as good as new again.

The Sound
Before trying the ELUX headphones I questioned how good the sound quality would be when they used Bluetooth to connect with your device. Little did I know you don’t need a fiddly cable to ensure your music comes through crystal clear.

The ELUX also has another trick up it’s sleeve, noise cancellation technology, meaning they block out any outside noise which can interfere with your tunes.

The Functionality
Fully charged, the ELUX provides 12 hours of battery life, perfect for a long-haul flight, or seriously intense training session. They are easy to pair with a multitude of devices and you can use voice recognition to control most of their functions. From answering phone calls to skipping through your Spotify playlist to asking Siri what the weather forecast is going to be, the ELUX functionality is seamless.

Did I mention these headphones are also water resistant. No need to worry about sweat or a drop of rain, your headphones can stay put atop your head.

ELUX Wireless Headphones

ELUX Specter Wireless Headphones

Specter Wireless Headphones

I’ve had so many compliments about my headphones since receiving them, they’re starting to feel like my hottest accessory and for under $100 USD I’d say they were a steal!

Side note – if you’re looking for something to listen to on your new headphones I can highly recommend the new podcast ‘S-Town‘. I’ve never been a podcast person but this one is amazing, a truly interesting story that goes in so many unexpected directions.

*Specter Wireless gifted me the ELUX headphones in return for this blog post.


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