Our final week in New Zealand was spent completely in the North Island. After a few days around Auckland, Ross and I drove south to Taupo. Located in the centre of the North Island, Taupo is a beautiful town built on the shores of the most incredible lake named Lake Taupo funnily enough… View Post

Held near the village of Standon, Hertfordshire, Standon Calling Festival started off as a birthday BBQ for founder Alex Trenchard in 2001. Fast forward 15 years and the festival is hugely popular with locals, which is no wonder when you look at the array of festival entertainment, not to mention the amazing lineup… View Post

Auckland is often mistaken for the capital city of New Zealand, and it’s not hard to see why. Tall sky scrapers, thousands of office workers, awesome shopping, amazing food, international airport..the list goes on. Whilst it may not be the official capital it most definitely acts like one… View Post

Singapore is one of those cities that people rave about. Everyone I know who has been to Singapore couldn’t hold back with their tips of the best places to go, and now I’ve been, I’m no different… View Post