Go Customized phone case – A Review

In a bid to save money I’ve decided not to upgrade my phone. I am now officially 2 models behind the latest release, or is it 3 now that the iPhone X is out? Either way, my ‘old school’ iPhone 6, whilst in perfect working order, was looking a little tired.

I’ve never been one to invest in a fancy case for my phone, instead opting for a cheap flimsy case from eBay. So when Go Customized offered me the chance to get a personalised case I was thrilled.

Marble phone case

The Process
It’s so easy to design your own case. It’s all done online, via their website. You start by choosing your phone model; there’s everything from iPhones to Samsung and more. From there you can pick from a host of cases; hard, silicon, wrap, wooden and even cork. After this the fun really starts.

First up in the design process, picking the base of your phone case. You have three choices black, white and transparent.

The second step is to start customising. You can scroll through the options given on the site or you can upload your own from your computer or social media channels, the possibilities are endless.

The third and final stage gives you the opportunity to add text. Anything from your initials to you’re favourite lyrics, let you imagination run wild or skip it altogether. Up to you.

As you can see I opted for the most basic phone case going, white marble with my initials ‘LVW’. I couldn’t help myself, I envy all the blogger gals and their sleek cases and now I’m part of the club. Ha, I’m so lame.

Once you’re done designing you just need to select your delivery option and await your new case. Mine took around 4 days to arrive.

The price
Now I got my phone case free of charge (thanks Go Customized!) but their prices range from £13.99 and up (based on iPhone cases).

Standard delivery costs £2.99 but can cost up to £7.00 for the express service. I’m not sure the £7.00 is worth it when you only get the case a day or two earlier than standard so if I were you I’d stick with the cheapest option.

The verdict
I love my phone case! It fits perfectly, it’s durable, and the quality is excellent. With a few easy clicks of a button I’ve transformed my phone into one that’s up-to-date and without spending £700. I’d say that’s a win for me.

Personalised phone case

Go Customized Phone Case

Personalised marble phone case


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