If you’ve been to Australia, or seen this video, chances are you’ve heard of Doughnut Time. They are an institution in Oz, not to be missed.

“But why are you telling me? I live in the UK”, I hear you ask.

Well, my friends…Doughnut Time have landed in London and the time has come for us Brits to get stuck in… View Post

In a bid to save money I’ve decided not to upgrade my phone. I am now officially 2 models behind the latest release, or is it 3 now that the iPhone X is out? Either way, my ‘old school’ iPhone 6, whilst in perfect working order, was looking a little tired… View Post

I’m going to start this post with a little history of me and my weight.

When I was a teenager I was taller than most of my friends. And being tall, more often than not, means being bigger set than others. I struggled with the fact I wasn’t a 5ft 4, size 8 girl throughout my teens and at one stage took to not eating in the bid to become ‘thin’. Crap idea… View Post