In a bid to save money I’ve decided not to upgrade my phone. I am now officially 2 models behind the latest release, or is it 3 now that the iPhone X is out? Either way, my ‘old school’ iPhone 6, whilst in perfect working order, was looking a little tired… View Post

I’m going to start this post with a little history of me and my weight.

When I was a teenager I was taller than most of my friends. And being tall, more often than not, means being bigger set than others. I struggled with the fact I wasn’t a 5ft 4, size 8 girl throughout my teens and at one stage took to not eating in the bid to become ‘thin’. Crap idea… View Post

Having lived in my flat (well Ross’ flat) for 3 years, our bedroom has been somewhat neglected when it comes to decor. Sure we painted a feature wall and updated the bedding, but when it comes to making a room feel finished we have a long way to go.… View Post